Mummyhood…a month so far


I cannot believe it’s already been a month since I welcomed my bundle of joy and joined the mummy wagon. I can honestly say it has been the best experience of my life and I’m completely in love with my daughter (I’m still getting used to saying that!). Having said that however, I’d be lying if I said motherhood hasn’t brought with it some challenges and a lot of tears. 
To celebrate my one month milestone, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve experienced and learned so far in this journey. I could really go on and on but here are the top 10:
1. Overwhelming Love – cliche as it may sound, you never truly understand love until you give birth and even then you can’t really put it into words because it’s nothing like you’ve ever felt before. All I know is that I’ve finally found my purpose in life. It still hasn’t registered to me that I birthed this perfect human being. She’s truly the cutest, most special little thing I’ve ever laid eyes on (yes, I’m bias).

2. Paranoid & Overprotective -is it weird that I’m always thinking someone is going to kidnap my child or the million different other scary thoughts that run through my head? And the sudden case of separation anxiety and mummy guilt I can’t seem to shift.

3. Breastfeeding is HARD – this topic deserves its own post which I will write about another time . All I can say for now is that it’s not always possible to breastfeed – even if that’s what you want to do. 

4. No Sleep – now I can’t say that I wasn’t warned about this, especially towards the end of my pregnancy when everyone would tell me to sleep as much as I could. I knew that babies cried A LOT (amongst eating and pooping) but what I failed to appreciate is that although they seem like they’re constantly sleeping….new borns hardly sleep at night. Who knew I’d be grateful for a mere 3 hours sleep.

5. Baby Poo – imagine my horror when my daughter pooped so much it actually came out her nappy and all over her AND me. How did I go through life without baby wipes before? And let’s not forget the constant farting!!!

6. Baby Blues – post natal depression is real and although I was blessed enough not to suffer from it, I cried the first week or so after she was born and couldn’t even tell you why on most occasions.

7. Still Breathing? – on top of constantly looking at my child in awe because I just can’t believe she’s mine (I may never get over this fact), when she’s asleep I often check to see if she’s still breathing and I know I’m not the only one.

8. Prep Time – getting myself and the baby ready now takes me about 3 hours. And no…that doesn’t include make up or hair. And just as you’re about to leave the house, they need a feed or nappy change. Getting anywhere on time is now a thing of the past….and I don’t even feel bad about it. 

9. Bye bye hygiene – a shower? Is it really necessary to have it on a daily basis? 

10. Superwoman – brings a mother has made me realise that I can do almost anything… AND probably blindfolded too!




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