I can’t catch a break


So baby girl hasn’t been her normal self these last couple of days. I think she’s going through some sort of growth spurt or something. She’s being super clingy and has been holding my boobs hostage for hours at a time whilst comfort feeding. To add salt to injury, she’s also been constipated which means she’s even more cranky (or is it crankier) than usual.
All this has of course meant NO sleep for moi – Raul ting in me also being cranky and irritable because all I want is TWO hours of shut eye so I can feel like a human being again. Every time I think she’s in a deep sleep and put her down, she lets me know who’s boss and wakes up with her beady eyes wide open and we start the cycle again.

So last night after I’d been unsuccessfully attempting to get her to go down and let me breath (sleep) for a sec, fast forward 3:30am and she somehow manages to get her shit all over me. Yes, her nappy was intact. No, I have no idea how I ended up with shit in my hands….literally. I can tell you that the warmth of the poop woke up right up and where I’d definitely have died had it been any other baby, all I could do was thank God that she had finally managed to move her bowels and kissed her as I tried to work out I how to clean her AND myself. I’d somehow acquired super powers and managed to clean us both up without having to wake the other half for help. Her sleepsuit unfortunately was unsalvageable and had to be dashed in the bin. 

At this point I’m giving myself a mental pat in the back for what I consider a great victory when little madam worked out I didn’t get punished enough and decided to be sick all over her newly changed clothes which then required more cleaning and another change of clothes.

I mean….can I get a break??!!




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