Monthly Archives: January 2017

My perfect imperfect mummy body

One of my biggest fear when I found out that I was pregnant was gaining weight and absolute worst fear was not being able to get rid of the baby weight after having had the baby.  I know it sounds really messed up but growing up on the larger side of the weight spectrum and […]

breast is best; fed is fed

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I decided the I would exclusively breastfeed my baby because quite frankly, I was curious at the idea of a baby suckling on my breast for their survival (I’m just being honest)!  Breastfeeding to me has always seemed like the easiest, most natural thing for a […]

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate 

Baby girl turned 8 weeks on Tuesday and was due a check up appointment which also included having her first shots. I’ve never been against vaccinations. In fact up until recently I’ve always thought them to be mandatory- sort of like paying taxes haha! I mean I was vaccinated and everyone I know, from family […]