My perfect imperfect mummy body


One of my biggest fear when I found out that I was pregnant was gaining weight and absolute worst fear was not being able to get rid of the baby weight after having had the baby. 

I know it sounds really messed up but growing up on the larger side of the weight spectrum and being surrounded by stick thin cousins who ate everything in sight and still somehow stayed slim -whereas it felt like I gained weight simply by looking at food. Needless to say I had some issues with my body and was never totally happy with my weight. Top that with the media, pop culture and now social media, I found myself alsways wanting to look like what I saw on TV or a magazine even though deep inside I knew that it wasn’t realistic seeing as 1) these images weren’t even how these people really looked like and 2) there is more than one body type. Lucky for me however I only gained about 10kg in all of my pregnancy, with all the weight practically being in the belly area.

There is something about going through child labour that makes everything look and feel minor. I was looking at myself in mirror the other day (I’ve always been obsessed with this) and it dawned on me that I actually prefer my post baby body. I managed to lose most of my pregnancy weight just a few weeks postpartum but I wasn’t lucky enough to escape the stretch marks which have now taken up residency all over my lower abdomen. Not to mention I’m also now left with a little saggy pouch for a belly (my daughter better love me more than her own life for this). Before having my daughter, this would have tipped me over the edge. Am I totally happy with my post baby body? Absolutely not. I have never had washboard abs but my stomach was definitely firmer and stripe free and I miss it. Having said that however, I prefer this body because it has a story behind it. I mean this body housed a whole other human being for nine whole months! This body endured all the aches and pains, stretching as well as a long and hard labour. This body has given me the best gift I’ll ever receive and the best love I’ve ever felt. 

I realise that I can choose to work on this new body and make the best of it by eating healthy and working out and just choosing to love my perfect imperfections. I also have to remind myself that it’s only been two months since I gave birth. I may never be 100% happy with my new body even after I’ve lost all the weight and haves toned ( because no women ever is) but I’m certainly learning to love my new body everyday – stretch marks, dimples, saggy pouch and all!



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