Is it weird that I miss being pregnant?

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This to me is just shocking! Especially considering the fact that I HATED the experience. Well….hate is a big word so I’ll scrap that. I strongly disliked being pregnant. Yes, I know. How dare I say that I didn’t like being pregnant!! Pregnancy police, where ya at!

I understand that it’s often frowned upon for a woman/mother to say anything negative m about pregnancy and stuff but what can I say…I like living on the edge. 

The one main thing I hated ( that word again) about being pregnant was the morning sickness. I didn’t just have it in my first trimester either. Not only did I feel sick all through my pregnancy, I also threw up 97% of everyday that I was pregnant. I’m talking about the violent throwing up – whether I ate or not. Darn, I knew I had it bad when water made me throw up. Or that one time I threw up on myself whilst driving to work and cried like a baby because no one ever told me pregnancy be so difficult!!

As if that wasn’t bad, I also developed gestational diabetes. Can I just say no one  in my family has or has ever had diabetes so being told that I had it in pregnancy was mind boggling. I was initially put on medication whilst monitoring my diet but had to come off it a month later because it made me throw up – on top of the daily throwing up I was already experiencing. At this point I was so fed up and over it. I then had to go on insulin and inject myself 3 times a day as well as prick my fingers to test my blood up to 4 times a day. Uurrggh…Did I mention I HATE needles and blood?

So you get the picture. I had a very crazy pregnancy and that’s not to mention the expected aches and pains, sleeplessness, countless trips to the bathroom – oh and the pregnancy mask that took over my face and neck which I’m still battling to completely get rid of now. Let’s also not forget the hair I grew in places I didn’t know existed (still shavinmy goatee up to now)!

I know the pregnancy police will still frown at my negative tone. I don’t mean to sound Mimy at all. Yes, I couldn’t wait to meet my child. I loved our bond and the kicks were just what made my days in the midst of all of the chaos but to say I enjoyed my pregnancy would be a big fat lie. I couldn’t wait to get it over and done with. I was uncomfortable as all hell. Heartburn became my first (not second) name. 

So you can understand my shock at the realisation that I miss being pregnant. Who in their right mind would even want to think about pregnancy again after my experience, right! Well, me obviously. Don’t tell the other half but I’m already dreaming about my next pregnancy. I even know it’ll be twin boys and I cannot wait! Ha – I must be crazy!!


7 thoughts on “Is it weird that I miss being pregnant?

  1. I feel you Lilia….but when the baby finally comes out, one forgets about the 9 month battle, the overwhelming and boundless joy that cannot be contained and crave to do it all over again but during those months…arghhhh. It’s worth it my dear. Motherhood is a gift ❤

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