Help! She Doesn’t Want My Breasts!

Lifestyle, motherhood

I can’t believe it’s already March!!! All I wanna know is what can we do to slow down time a little? I mean my little lady is now 16 weeks! Where did the time go, honestly! I swear I just gave birth the other day and now the girl is trying to sit up on her own and already has such a big personality. 

On top of all that, little lady no longer wants to breastfeed. It hurts me to even write this because as I wrote on one of my previous posts, from the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to breastfeed. Things didn’t go as planned in the beginning seeing as  life slapped me in the face and let me know that I should have attended those breastfeeding classes I was recommended because breastfeeding is not simply shoving a nipple in your baby’s mother mouth and hoping that they latch (say what??!!). Eventually after many tears, sweat and practically blood because that’s what my nipples felt like, we  were able to find our groove and although I was supplementing with formula, I realised that I loved breastfeeding. I mean you should see how she would look me in the eyes whilst feeding. It was so intense and it just fed my soul with so much love and joy.

Then one day…it all just stopped! She no longer wants my breasts. Actually it’s more like she doesn’t remember what it is and its purpose. I put it in her mouth and she screws her face like she’s got a foreign object in her mouth. At first I thought it was just a growth spurt or a leap or whatever babies go threw that lasts for a day or so but it has been almost a month and baby girl doesn’t want my beasts anymore. I was never really into pumping ( it’s long and nothing really comes out for me) so I have just been giving her formula which she likes but the one time I did pump she took it fine so I know it’s not the milk itself.

I’m honestly so heartbroken and as dramatic as this may sound (and I don’t care if it does), I kinda feel rejected by her. I really don’t want to give up but I think my milk is drying up at this rate. I would really appreciate any advice or tips or anything really that can help get her back on the boob…,pleasssee?!




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