5 Things I Wasn’t Expecting When Expecting 

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So baby girl is gonna be four months in less than a week. I actually don’t know whether to cry or rejoice because I’ve found that when it comes to motherhood I tend to be conflicted more times than I feel should be allowed. 

I’m happy that she’s now passed the ‘boring’ phase where she’s just there (eat, poop, sleep)! Now, this little human has so much personality and is sooo loud I cannot believe 4 months ago she was still in my belly. Cue the crying bit. I just feel that time is flying  and although I’m amazed at her growth and milestones, I just don’t want her to grow….like who can I speak to about this? Honestly!! 

As much as I love and enjoy my baby now….I found pregnancy to be full of surprises and here are the top five things I just wasn’t expecting when expecting: 

1. Pregnancy Sucks – yes I said it! No, I’m not ashamed to say it. Yes, I know some women enjoy being pregnant but….Being pregnant has got to be the most uncomfortable thing a woman can go through…or at least it was for me. Also I know I’m not the only mamma who will attest to this fact. I understand it’s still taboo to admit as we’re supposed to just be happy because we’re growing a human and yes, we are but it’s the hardest thing ever!  

2. Brushing Teeth Anxiety – whoever invented the term ‘morning sickness’ should probably be slapped in the face (joking…..maybe)! I bet you the person who did was probably a man because if it was a woman, they would have known better than that. What surprised me however was the gagging and heaving when brushing my teeth. I used to actually get anxious about this because I would throw up which meant I’d have to brush my teeth AGAIN to get rid of the taste….talk about a catch 22!

3. Piles and Hemorrhoids – this didn’t affect me until the very end of my pregnancy and especially after I gave birth . It was like having two bum holes (excuse the language)and not only did it hurt, it was also very very itchy which made me very uncomfortable.

4. Pregnancy Mask – now this one I can’t say I didn’t know about as I had heard family members talk about this but boy oh boy did I get the curse of the mask or what?! I’m blessed with melanin skin and I love it but I was not ready for the deformation my face experienced. My nose increased by at least 4x its normal size. I got 10 shades darker from the beck up. Thankfully this occurred the last  couple of months of my pregnancy but it was so bad that I still can’t look at my baby shower pictures without cringing. Thank goodness that wasn’t permanent. 

5. Chronic Paranoia- as a mum, your heart is definitely outside of your body but what I didn’t expect was the total paranoia I experienced whilst pregnant. I developed a fear of driving and was so sure some crazy driver would hit me from the back that not only did I put P plates on my car, I also changed from manual to automatic out of the fer I’d stall and roll back or something…Funny enough, I drove until the very week I gave birth. Another thing was when the baby wouldn’t move. I don’t take this lightly because they do encourage women to seek help when this is the case but I just took it to a whole new level and would literally do all sorts to make the baby kick! 

Mummies – what are some of the things you found out that you didn’t know about pregnancy?


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