How I’m Being More Organised


When I first started blogging, I made a deal with myself to write and post at least twice a week and I was keeping to this deal until recently when everything started happening at once and I’ve been left overwhelmed. 
Baby girl recently had a virus which lasted about two weeks and on top of this I have gone back to school to complete my second degree (why do I do this to myself right?) and with everyday life being super mum, super partner,etc. I’m literally left wishing there were more hours to the day than simply 24 hours. Of course that won’t happen so I while I can’t do anything about that, I have found a way to be more organised and stay afloat. 

1. Batch Write – now that I think about it, I’m sure most bloggers already do this but hey ho. I usually just write a pice and post it and do the same again when I feel inspired/in the mood to write. This does mean that my posts are never scheduled which I think they should now be. I’ve therefore decided to start writing 2-3 post in one sitting so that when everything gets on top of me, I can just post what I already have at my disposal. Smart, right!

2. Schedule EVERYTHING – batch writing won’t happen if I don’t actually have a clear schedule of when it should be happening. This is the case for everything in my life right now so I have decided to have certain days to do certain things, for example Mondays are for laundry and Saturdays are food shopping and so on and so forth. 

3. Buy a planner – I’d like to think I have a very good memory. I mean I remember dates like a computer and I hardly forget things that need to be done BUT ever since I’ve become a mum I’ve realised that I can’t always rely on my memory because things happen so often and so quickly that I’m now forgetting some of the things that need doing, like making sure I don’t miss a GP’s appointment or remembering to make an important call. 

4. Stop Procrastinating – as much as I know this is a terrible habit I have to admit that I sometimes procrastinate…..A LOT. This is not so much on small things that take little time to do but on big things that I know I need to do like folding and ironing the never ending mountain of laundry, blogging and doing my university work. I need Jesus to help me at this point, really!!!

5. Make the most of baby’s down time – my baby’s been napping like a G these days. I don’t want to jinx it but she’s having like hour and a half hour naps during the day and of course she goes down at around 8pm at night. As much as I’d like to consider this to be my ‘me’ time, I understand that I can’t spend it all watching Real Housewives of Atlanta (unfortunately). I’ve now started dedicating an hour or two at night to doing some school work and preparing for assignments in advance so I’m not doing everything last minute. 

6. Make time for family – the other day I was telling the hubby about all the things I need to do and plan to do and he replied by asking where he and the baby fit in all this and I can’t lie, it made me feel really guilty. Plus I’ve found out that his love language is quality time (just my luck). I now need to make sure that I acknowledge his love language and schedule quality, uninterrupted time like going for walks, having a picnic, making sure we all eat together as a family, etc. On top of that  I’ve decided that Sundays are for uninterrupted family time just to put the cherry on top!

I’d love to hear tips from other mums about being more organised as parents, wives, businesswomen, etc because I’m trying to be this woman who slays at every aspect of her life so holla at your girl.




7 thoughts on “How I’m Being More Organised

  1. Ah Lilia, How did you know the right post? I needed this….I’m about to start my second degree full time and professional course for the weekend, I’ve been bothered on how to keep up with my blog. This has helped, and I’m def going to use this. God bless. I hope your baby feels better soon. Stay strong sis ❤

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  2. Wow! Great post! I’m not a mom but girl! I am in the same boat with life in general! Lol! I need to definitely be more organized but I’m such a mess! I literally always want to scream daily! But I do the whole having blogs already set up & written. But there are a lot that I don’t post. Especially ones that I just vent personal problems. I don’t publish those. But others like reviews, I definitely will create a post for it, & then photos for the blog & publish it. Sometimes I am just too lazy to grab the products & take shots. I’m trying to get over these allergies & I just feel worse by the day. & just like you, I have a planner. I actually have two. But I have not utilize them at all! I just can’t take the time to fully commit to organizing & making my planner cute & pretty. Years ago, I probably would have. But I procrastinate like a MF lol & I just overthink things to the max. I keep saying “one day I’ll use the planners” but I don’t. & it’s sad because one of them, my BF gifted it to me. & I am sure he’s not happy to see it laying around since it’s a Kate Spade planner. I just can’t find a way to utilize it. I just use my phone for everything :/ but thanks for this post! & sorry for my drawn out comment lol!

    – Mellie Michelle

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    1. Hahhaha girl you had me laughing out loud. I use my phone for everything as well even to blog and I have more than 2 planners – none of which I have ever written in but I’ve decided to be more deliberate in my organising and planning so fingers crossed x


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