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My Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day is this Sunday and seeing as it’s the hubby’s first, I have been trying to find the best gift to offer on behalf of our little angel (and me I guess).   Because I got quite a fab Mother’s Day gift (he read a blogpost I wrote and knew what I wanted), I […]

Why I Really Wanted A Boy

I’m the oldest of a combined eleven children (yes, you read that right!) from both parents and if God asked for my choice, I’d choose to have an older brother. Why, well I know I could not have an older sister because I doubt we’d get on much but an older brother always seemed like […]

5 Ways Having A Baby Tests Your Relationship 

I’m sure a lot of parents, especially new and first time parents would agree with the sad truth that having a baby can have an adverse effect on your relationship.  Just before giving birth, a mummy friend of mine told me to expect arguments when the baby was here and I couldn’t understand for the […]

There Is Beauty In Self-Love

I know it always sounds like I’ve had this great epiphany since becoming a mother but I kinda have….in so many areas. I have become more confident in myself as a woman and as a person in general. I have more awareness of Self. I am more in tune with my feelings….happy and sad. My […]

What A Great Time To Be A Woman

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women of the world.  Our strength, courage, resilience, persistence is second to none. Our love, patience, compassion, understanding is matched by none. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, friends, wives…and sometimes fathers too. We are God’s gift to humanity, life bearers, hope givers, faith havers and so much […]

Reflecting on 2016

As we reach the last day of 2016, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what a year it has been and also my goals for the coming year.  To say 2016 has been a year of change is an understatement. This has been both for the good and bad. For me this […]

What’s in a name

Baby girl is finally registered!! I was excited to finally get her birth certificate so we can apply for her passport because mummy and daddy love to travel. At the same time I was kinda dreading having to go to the registry office because we still hadn’t decided on a middle name for her. In […]