My Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Fathers Day is this Sunday and seeing as it’s the hubby’s first, I have been trying to find the best gift to offer on behalf of our little angel (and me I guess).

Because I got quite a fab Mother’s Day gift (he read a blogpost I wrote and knew what I wanted), I knew that I couldn’t just settle on the typical gifts that fathers tend to get on this special day ( not that there’s anything wrong with these either). Anyways, like a lot of online shoppers, I love the website because it does exactly what it was on the tin. If I can be honest, I literally spent around 2 hours browsing the site because it has long lists of pages and I wanted to make sure I clicked on each in fear of missing out on the perfect gift. I can’t be the only one guilty of this, right?!
Anyways, mummy and homely duties were awaiting me, as well as a 3,000 word university assignment I’m struggling to write so I had to get a grip and narrow it down to my top 5.

1. Personalised Football Team History Book – £50: most men are football fans and mine is no exception. His favorite team is Arsenal (I have my own personal opinions on this) so I thought this would be a perfect gift for any footy dads out there. The book includes actual news stories about the ram, with actual newspaper reports, dating as for back as the 1990s. Oooh and they’ve also got one for American football!

2. Personalised Father’s Day Photo Frame – £29.50: I’m really into photo frames and use them as part of my home decor to get a more homely feel. This gift will be perfect to frame that special moment captured in a picture. The frames come in various size options that can be positioned and personalised in a portrait or landscape orientation.

3. Personalised Cuflinks £29: last weekend we attended a friend’s wedding and I must say I love a man in a nice shirt and suit. These cuff links are perfect for those special occasions or even for the office dad who wears a suit everyday. And…they can be personalised with the children’s names and date of births (provided you only have 2, hahahah)!

4. Father’s Day Mug £9.95: like most, I have no problems with giving and receiving traditional gifts parents tend to get on their respective days and a mug is one of those. I thought this ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug would do the trick and is very affordable for those on a budge, which is a plus.

5. A letter to Daddy Poem Print £14: for those who want to let their dads know how much they are loved in poem form, this gift is perfect. What more, the poem can be personalised and the price is not bad.

So there you have it. I haven’t decided which one to get just yet because I really want to get all of them but I might settle for one or two.

For all my father followers, I wish you all an amazing Father’s Day. Know always that you are loved and appreciated.

P.S. this is not a sponsored post. It is 100% my own opinions and views on the products.




My Mother’s Day Gift Wishlist Under £30

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It’s Mother’s Day in a few days but most importantly it is my very first Mother’s Day and I feel like a kid Counting down the number of sleeps they go to Disneyland or something. I’m too excited it’s becoming ridiculous!a candy! 

It’s just dawned on me that aside from Valentine’s Day, my birthday and Christmas, I now have an extra day to be given a gift (cue the hubby rolling his eyes) and rightly so. I created life and then pushed her out to the world. It should be Mother’s Day everyday if you ask me! Seriously though, I always wondered what my very first Mother’s Day would be like and now it’s here and I can’t contain myself! Whilst I still don’t know what hubby and bubba have in store for me on the day – if anything at all, I certainly have a few ideas for the gifts I’d love to receive. 

I love bargain hunting and online shopping is such a godsend because being a new mum, I can’t always go out to shop so it’s great that I can pretty much type whatever on Google and get my retail therapy on. It was actually my mother’s birthday last week and whilst browsing the net for possible gift ideas, I came across this website The website is kinda like but much I found that it was more affordable and suitable for bargain hunters like myself. They’ve even got a sale on Mother’s Day giftsI which is even great so I was able to look around andcome up with my top 5 gifts under £30 – perfect for those on a budget:

1. Wine Bottle Glass £16.99 – I stumbled across this bottle glass and immediately fell in love with it. I’m not much a of a drinker and even less so since I fell pregnant and had my baby but there are times when I’ve worked so hard taking care of my baby, hubby, the home, etc. that I just feel like murdering a glass of red wine, if not a whole bottle and with this gift you get to do both. #happydays

2. Bath Bubble Machine £11.99 – I love the idea of a bubble bath at the end of the day after  I’m done being supermum and just want some time to myself. I wouldn’t have thought of such a gift but when I saw it, it made me wanna take a bath so this could be a perfect gift for mummy dearest. 

3. Mum Definition Candle £9.99 – my mother is my absolute everything and when I see the way my daughter looks at me, I can just tell that I’m her absolute world too. I’m obsessed with candles and this gift is perfect for illustrating the many different hats mums wear and let them know they deserve the world. 

4. Personalised I Heart My Mummy Mug £9.99 – rightly or wrongly, we’ve all given our mums a mug at least once (or 3) on Mother’s Day. It may be a predictable and cliché gift but this mug is so cute that I wouldn’t even be mad if I got it as a gift. It’s a constant reminder to mummies how much they are loved. 

5. Farrero Rocher Chocolate Tree £26.99 – giving chocolate on Mother’s Day is kinda like the mug situation but who can say no to this piece of art?! Can we all agree that this is genius right here!I’m on a no sugar diet so I won’t be eating this but I can sure look at it all day! Plus, it looks too cute to eat anyway. 

I’m sure I’ll love whatever gift my little family gets me on Sunday but a mamma can sure wish!
P.S: this post is not sponsored or an ad